With the help of Allah alone, your brothers of Islam in Bangladesh have worked hard to spread different Islamic Collections among the Bengali community all over the world. It is a unique kind of website in Bangla as it is geared towards the Bengali speaking Muslims, as well as non-Muslims who are interested in gaining heights in their religious, political, economical, social,  historical, biographical and health awareness.

In short, this website seeks to accomplish the following:

1. To give a clear understanding about Islam

2. Upload important Islamic books, articles, magazine, nasheed, or other resources in Bangla

3. Translate important documents, videos or other resources in Bangla

4. We encourage our guest to participate in this website by translating articles into Bangla, participating in typing

We will do our best to provide our readers with the resources.

May Allah forgive us for the errors that might have crept in inspite of the best of our efforts.

It is Allah Who bestows success, and guides to the straight Path.

We conclude with a prayer which our Lord has taught us “Oh, Rab, increase me in knowledge”. We also ask for His forgiveness for any lapse on our part which might have inadvertently occurred in the present task.


3 Responses

  1. AssalamuAlykumWrWb,

    My dear brother in Deen ul Haq,

    Alhamdulillah, this is an excellent project to spread the Authentic Tawheed to Bengali speaking people. May Allah swt reward you and accept from you.

    Please contact me on add me on msn abuMuhammedalMaqsud@live.co.uk

    Talk to you soon insha’Allah.

    Your brother Mohammed.

  2. AssalamuAlaikum bhai, amar fake voice software darkar.Please help korun,Allahar oste. ami aponader dini bhai. allah aponader aro hefazoter songe din protisthan korar toufiq dan korun.Ameen.

  3. Biggest Nasheed collection.
    visit and add link to your blog:


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