Fake Scholar


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  1. Brother please remove this video!!!
    Dr. Zakir Naik is doing dawaa and you can’t prove he is wrong
    because you didn’t publish the full video.
    May Allah guide us all to the straight path.

  2. assalamu alaikum. jazakallahu khyr for exposing the falsehood of a astray scholar, but why only one? please add more such as saudi government scholars. they are too evil. they are misguided and mislead the people. they pass fatawa favor of their murtad ruler not according to quran and sunnah.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum ,I would like to draw attention of administrators of this site.I would request to please do not give any post without verifying 100% correctly. This post has been submitted By some Kharejis . They have picked only a portion .But did not show the later portion as It contained the answer of their falsehood .Khawarej and Shias are working in hand to hand with enemies of Islam. Their vision is to misguide people by giving part of lectures of Genuine Islamic Scholars which need explanation in later part.We have to be aware of this type of falsehood.I earnestly request the admin to remove the video post as soon as possible .

    • Yes I agree. I saw the full clip of that video. There was nothing about that they claimed. The video should be removed. After that you can post the original video.

  4. this link is unable to download

  5. Dr. Zakir Naik is a great person. We should follow him.

  6. জাকির নায়েক কে যারা ফেক বলে । তারাই ফেক , তারাই ভুয়া। আযগুবি শব কাহিনী ।

  7. Really, dr. Jakir naik is a fake scholar.

  8. It is very easy to criticise anyone who tries to do better for the entire world!
    so, One who tries to do something makes mistake!
    Critics themselves can do nothing except doing harm….

  9. Zakir naik alem na akta jahel

  10. AlSalaamu ‘alaikum ‘ala man ittiba’ alHudaa

    the term fake Scholar doesn’t go with Dr. Zakir Naik (May Allah forgive him & guide him to the correct path) because Dr. Zakir Naik is not a scholar to begin with. He is a da’ee and that is it. However, one must agree that he has a considerable amount of knowledge on the field of comparative religion which is he is to be respected for. However, he has already shown many deviations and and isn’t safe to be followed.

  11. rt

  12. removed this video.dr.zakir is a prominent daee.he always try to revert for non muslims & conscious about namely muslim .don’t say fake scholar.this means you are the below knowledge & faulty teaching about islam.

  13. Allah


  15. Jakir nayeker fhad a jara e pa diyese tara e or vokto hyese….dekar bisoy kara jakir nayek er eto vokto…..maximum e namaz pore na sara din tv internet nia pore thake ….tv media dia din prochar kore besi fayeda hobe na jotokkon na hujur sm er toirikay na hobe…….jodi abave e hoto thn allah nobi der dia tv te e program koria din prochar koraten

  16. You call Dr. Zakir Naik a fake scholar because you wanted to prove him fake. Many times he asked by audiences to share his views on Jihad and Qital, terrorism and mujahidin. every time he supported the mujahedin and he heavily claimed the western powers are the real terrorists. Why did you called the Dr. Zakir Naik a fake scholar??? Why brother?? Don’t you know British Government has banned him for unlimited time period?

    It is a cut piece of the full video. So please see the full clip of this video. After that your misconception will be gone i believe.

    One brother claimed a very false issue on the people who see Dr. Jakir Naik’s lecture. He said that They don’t pray salat who see Dr. Jakir Naik’s lecture. It is very hideous claim of a Muslim brother. It is very very very injustice. One falsehood makes another falsehood.

    Zajalallah Khair

  17. jakir did not any speech or conference for saving minority Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar

    Persecuted by the Budhist majority regime and facing genocide at their home country for being Muslim,Rohingyas have been trying desperate measure to escape to where they can find safety and security. International media has carried news of more than 6000 Rohingyas found adrift in the Andaman sea between Thailand and Malaysia and its reported that no country is willing to offer asylum to these helpless people. It has been monitoring boat departures and arrivals for more than a decade, estimates more than 100,000 men, women and children have boarded vessels since mid-2012. The Rohingya, who are Muslim, have for decades suffered from state-sanctioned discrimination in Buddhist-majority Myanmar, which considers them illegal settlers from Bangladesh even though their families have lived there for generations. Attacks on members of the religious minority, numbering around 1.3 million, have in the past three years left up to 280 people dead and forced 140,000 others from their homes.

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